Why the „Elon Musk“ effect number 2 could be much more noticeable

Why the „Elon Musk“ effect number 2 could be much more noticeable this time around

Has Tesla’s bitcoin purchase changed the market dormancy? On-chain bitcoin analyst Willy Woo posted a tweet on 28 March showing a Glassnode chart of the average bitcoin quiet period. Musk effect #1, the effect of his tweet, is not present. However, the Bitcoin Revolution chart shows that bitcoin resting time shortened dramatically just before the Tesla purchase. Since then, it has lengthened again.

Roughly speaking, the Tesla purchase reset the dwell time to November levels before Bitcoin started breaking all-time high price records.
Musk effect #1

Elon Musk rose to fame in the cryptocurrency community in early 2020 as the tongue-in-cheek chairman of Dogecoin. However, towards the end of the year, more people started paying attention to his tweets.

The Musk effect was becoming noticeable. In early February 2021, Blockchain Research Labs conducted a study. It showed that some of Musk’s tweets seemed to cause abnormal changes in BTC and DOGE prices.

Then rumours emerged that the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US was interested in talking to him about his tweets and their impact on DOGE prices.

Musk did claim that an SEC investigation into his Dogecoin tweets would be „great“, but also changed his tone. Until mid-March, Musk’s crypto tweets had not moved crypto prices much.
Musk effect #2, part 1

On 8 February, Tesla announced a $1.5 billion purchase of Bitcoin

The market immediately responded with a double-digit spike above $40,000 and hasn’t gone below since.

Tesla’s stock also began tracking the bitcoin price. When Tesla announced the $1.5 billion purchase, it also promised that buying its products with Bitcoin might be possible in the future. The technology company, which makes motor vehicles, then made good on that promise on 24 March.

The tweet was posted thousands of times, but the effect on Tesla’s share price was negligible.
Musk Effect #2, Part 2

Willy Woo’s tweet raises an aspect of HODLing that is becoming more common as the price of bitcoin rises. As a mid-March analysis of bitcoin HODLing revealed, the current activity is different from the peak of the cycle in 2011, 2013 and 2017.

This could be a sign that there is still room for Bitcoin to grow in the short term. And as long as the quiet period remains above pre-Tesla levels, HODLers will obviously think so too.

Trump, price points and COVID-19: 5 things to keep in mind about Bitcoin this week

Donald Trump is driving the markets by improving his health, but the coronavirus is taking its toll.

Bitcoin (BTC) rose to a high of USD 10,730 before dropping on October 5th, as markets fluctuated in line with the fact that US President Donald Trump is contracting COVID-19.

Cointelegraph takes a look at the factors that will influence BTC’s price action this week, as the virus and its consequences dictate the mood of macro-assets.

Trump’s Health Makes Markets Rise

President Trump boosted the markets last Sunday, as traders assessed the possibility of him leaving the hospital on Monday after treatment for COVID-19.

Futures were up, reversing Friday’s losses, along with the major stock markets, including the S&P 500, with which Bitcoin Up continues to show a high correlation.

Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis had caused a modest panic late last week; stocks plummeted and BTC/USD reacted similarly, falling from USD 10,940 to lows of USD 10,380.

Economic Recession Boosts Bitcoin Use in Egypt

„It’s been a really interesting journey; I’ve learned a lot about the Covid,“ Trump said in a video update posted on Twitter late Sunday, apparently aimed at a crowd of followers outside his hospital before a surprise meeting:

„I learned it by actually going to school, this is the real school; this is not the ‚let’s read the book‘ school, and I get it, I get it. It’s a very interesting thing and I’ll let you know.

Wall Street had not yet opened at the close of this edition, with the resumption of trading set to dictate the trajectory of the market for the beginning of the week.

BTC/USD vs. S&P 500 one year chart Source: Skew
Cineworld shares fall 56% in coronavirus closures

Beyond Trump, the coronavirus continues to create uncertainty in the United States and abroad.

On Monday, New York continued its gradual infrastructure shutdown, while in Europe, the worsening infection rate caused Paris to close certain establishments.

Meanwhile, Cineworld, the second largest movie theater chain in the world, said it would close all operations in both the United States and the United Kingdom until further notice starting October 8. Its shares subsequently plunged 56% to a new all-time low.

Mendoza City, Argentina, presents a series of talks on Bitcoin and Blockchain

However, rumors abound that Trump’s situation may in fact stimulate both political camps in Washington to reach a stimulus agreement, something that would have an immediate impact on the markets.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had already dispelled fears of a continuing impasse by confirming that, whatever happens, the package would include another $1,200 stimulus check for eligible Americans.

The long-term impact of state-sponsored revenue is itself controversial, as commentators have previously argued that once implemented, the checks would be difficult to simply „turn off.

By the time the first round of checks arrived in April, the crypto-currency exchanges noticed a volume increase specifically in the amount of the $1,200 payments.

It’s Europe’s turn to be in the spotlight when it comes to macro-market movements, as the intense last-minute talks on Brexit began on Monday.

The Brexit deal, which has long been a controversial issue for sterling and its traders, or the lack thereof, has previously even managed to produce ripple effects for Bitcoin.

This time, the talks aim to produce a compromise before a crucial meeting of the European Union on October 15, with a realistic deadline for producing a consensus now set for sometime in early November.

From Spain, they will hold a talk on the Tokenized Economy

Asked what the impact of not reaching an agreement would be, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on a BBC radio show that the country „could do more than live with it.

In London, FTSE 100 futures rose on Monday, more than reversing its losses from the previous week.

Along with Brexit, as Cointelegraph noted, the Bank of England is investigating the idea of introducing negative interest rates for the first time in its history.


Die jüngste Konsolidierungsphase von Bitcoin hat sich gleichzeitig mit dem Aufbau von Shortpositionen durch Händler vollzogen
Dies deutet darauf hin, dass sie erwarten, dass die Turbulenzen auf den traditionellen Märkten die Preisaktionen der BTC weiterhin unterdrücken und sie in den kommenden Wochen möglicherweise nach unten führen werden.
Dies hat jedoch dazu geführt, dass die negativen Finanzierungsraten in letzter Zeit stark angestiegen sind und es teuer zu stehen kommt.

Historisch gesehen wirken Finanzierungsraten – wenn sie über längere Zeiträume in eine Richtung geneigt sind – als zuverlässiger Gegenindikator.
Ein Analyst stellt nun fest, dass ein Ausbruch von 11.000 Dollar mit Finanzierungsraten auf ihrem derzeitigen Niveau Bitcoin eine explosive Entwicklung nach oben ermöglichen könnte
Bitcoin und der gesamte Krypto-Währungsmarkt wurden in den letzten Tagen und Wochen von einer Seitwärtsbewegung erfasst.

BTC konsolidierte sich in einer unglaublich engen Spanne zwischen $10.500 und $10.600 bis heute Morgen, als Bullen aufstiegen und den Kurs in die Höhe trieben.

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Es hat seinen Schlüsselwiderstand bei $11.000 noch nicht getestet, aber die leichte Bewegung nach oben ist ein positives Zeichen, das darauf hinweist, dass weitere Aufwärtsbewegungen bevorstehen könnten.

Ein Analyst stellt auch fest, dass die mittelfristigen Aussichten weiterhin gut sind, da negative Finanzierungsraten als Treibstoff für die Krypto-Währung dienen könnten, um in naher Zukunft einen weiteren großen Schritt nach oben zu machen.


Zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels wird Bitcoin zu seinem derzeitigen Preis von 10.720 $ leicht aufwärts gehandelt. Dies stellt einen bemerkenswerten Aufschwung gegenüber den jüngsten Tiefstständen von 10.400 $ dar, die Anfang dieser Woche aufgrund der Befürchtungen im Zusammenhang mit der Verfolgung der BitMEX-Mitbegründer durch die Regierung festgesetzt wurden.

Die Turbulenzen am Aktienmarkt infolge der jüngsten Virusdiagnose von Präsident Trump haben die Schwäche von BTC aufrechterhalten, aber seine Erholung hat zu einem Aufschwung am Aktienmarkt geführt und trägt nun dazu bei, risikoreiche Anlagen wie Crypto höher zu treiben.

Wenn der Aktienmarkt in der vor uns liegenden Woche weiter nach oben drängt, kann man vernünftigerweise erwarten, dass Bitcoin weitere Aufwärtsbewegungen verzeichnen wird.

Der gesamte Krypto-Markt wurde in letzter Zeit von der Volatilität erfasst, was dazu geführt hat, dass Händler in überwältigendem Maße short-sided wurden, was zu einer negativen Finanzierung von Bitcoin führte.

Ein Händler glaubt, dass dies als Treibstoff fungieren wird, der dazu beiträgt, eine explosive Bewegung nach oben zu entfachen, sobald Bitcoin $11.000 durchbricht.

„Wenn BTC nach dieser langen Zeit der negativen Finanzierung an allen Börsen endlich die 11.000 $-Marke durchbricht … machen Sie sich auf das gefasst, was kommt“, erklärte er.

Bild mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Il Capo von Crypto. Schräges Diagramm.
Wie die Entwicklung von Bitcoin auf dem Weg zu 11.000 $ verläuft, wird Investoren wichtige Einblicke in die kurzfristigen Aussichten bieten.

Deloitte: 39% of companies worldwide now have a Blockchain in production

The latest survey by audit giant Deloitte shows us that nearly 40% of respondents from leading technology companies worldwide currently have a blockchain in production, and nearly nine in ten think that blockchain will become more important in the next three years.

According to the results of Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey conducted between February 6 and March 3, 2020, 39% of 1,488 senior executives and professionals in 14 countries said they have already incorporated blockchains into production at their companies, a 16% increase from last year’s figures. The number rises to 41% when companies with more than $100 million in revenue are considered.

The audit giant conducted the survey of participants from: Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States who have „at least a broad understanding of blockchain, digital assets and distributed accounting technology.

Chainlink and MakerDAO are renamed „Technology Pioneers“ by the World Economic Forum

Blockchain is a growing priority
The survey revealed that many companies are increasingly prioritizing blockchain technology and the potential of digital assets in the future.

„Nearly 89% said they believe digital assets will be very or somewhat important to their industries in the next three years,“ the report said. „An absolute majority (53%) believe that digital assets will be very important.

According to Deloitte, these high numbers may be related to hiring practices. The audit giant reported that 82% of respondents said they would hire staff „with blockchain experience“ in the next 12 months, almost the same percentage, 83%, said they would lose a competitive advantage if they did not begin blockchain adoption.

However, not all the answers concerning blockchain innovation were positive. The survey showed that 54% of respondents believe that „blockchain is overrated,“ an increase from 43% who said the same in 2019 and 39% in 2018.

Security and privacy in crypt coins How safe are we?

China stood out
Deloitte reported that the adoption of Bitcoin Profit was more accepted in certain countries. For example, while 31% of respondents in the United States said they already had a blockchain in production, this number was almost double (59%) in China.

Digital assets are increasingly popular throughout Asia. Of those surveyed in China, 94% said they „strongly“ or „somewhat“ believe that digital assets will serve as an alternative or replacement for fiat currency in the next 5-10 years.

Although the Deloitte survey was conducted during the early stages of the pandemic, Cointelegraph reported that a similar survey in April showed that interest in blockchain technology in China had declined significantly, with 70% of respondents remaining optimistic about its potential.

Wird das Chaos in den USA Bitcoin wieder über 10.000 Dollar steigen lassen?

Trumph verschärft die Fronten nur noch

Seit Floyds Tod am 25. Mai in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sind im ganzen Land zivile Unruhen ausgebrochen. Sechs Bundesstaaten und 13 Städte haben den Ausnahmezustand ausgerufen, und die Nationalgarde wurde in 21 Bundesstaaten und Washington, DC, zur Hilfe gerufen.

Wir können sagen, dass sich die Staaten jetzt in der Krise befinden – zum einen hat der Covid-19 in den USA noch nicht ganz die Kontrolle übernommen; zum anderen könnten die massiven Proteste wegen des Todes von George Floyd zu einem potenziellen Zustrom von Coronavirus-Fällen führen, ein neuer Ausbruch könnte eintreten. Und die wirtschaftliche Erholung der USA wird erneut bedroht sein.

Bitcoin ist der sichere Hafen

Während der bürgerlichen Unruhen in den Staaten und der Spannungen zwischen den USA und China hält der US-Dollar-Preis eine Abwärtsbewegung aufrecht.

Und gemäß der Aussage der CBO, dass die USA etwa 10 Jahre für eine wirtschaftliche Erholung von der Coronavirus-Krise benötigen werden, wird der Status von Bitcoin als „Zustimmung zum sicheren Hafen“ gefestigt, was es den Menschen ermöglichen kann, aus dem gegenwärtigen, gebrochenen Währungssystem „auszusteigen“.

Zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung, nachdem es nicht über 10.000 Dollar geblieben ist, handelt Bitcoin Era um 9.550 Dollar, was einem Anstieg von 0,80% entspricht. Der Mai markiert den „höchsten Monatsschluss der BTC seit über 7 Monaten“. Bislang ist BTC/USD im Jahr 2020 um 30,58% und im zweiten Quartal des Jahres 2020 um fast 50% gestiegen. Und nun verflüchtigt sich Bitcoin zwischen 9.500 und 9.600 Dollar, was den Handel mit Futures profitabler macht.

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