MasterCard ogłasza obsługę kryptowalut w swojej sieci

MasterCard umożliwi prawie miliardowi użytkowników wydawanie kryptowalut u ponad 30 milionów sprzedawców, chociaż nie określił, które monety będą obsługiwane.

Firma MasterCard ogłosiła plany wsparcia kryptowalut w 2021 r., Torując drogę dla prawie miliarda użytkowników do wydawania zasobów cyfrowych u ponad 30 milionów sprzedawców

Firma uważa, że ​​może to otworzyć handlowców na nowych klientów i zbudować lojalność z istniejącymi klientami, którzy już migrują do zasobów cyfrowych w porównaniu z tradycyjnymi opcjami fiducjarnymi.

„Chodzi o wybór. MasterCard nie jest tutaj, aby polecić rozpoczęcie korzystania z kryptowalut. Ale jesteśmy tutaj, aby umożliwić klientom, sprzedawcom i firmom przenoszenie wartości cyfrowej ”
Podczas gdy globalny gigant płatniczy zauważył, że planuje obsługiwać stablecoiny ze względu na ich „niezawodność i bezpieczeństwo”, Mastercard odmówił podania nazwy jakichkolwiek konkretnych kryptowalut, które zintegruje.

Mastercard oferuje jednak cztery podstawowe kryteria, według których będzie oceniać potencjalne aktywa: solidną ochronę konsumentów, w tym prywatność i bezpieczeństwo konsumentów, ścisłą zgodność z KYC, przestrzeganie lokalnych przepisów i regulacji oraz stabilność jako środek płatniczy.

Firma MasterCard zauważyła również, że „aktywnie współpracuje z kilkoma głównymi bankami centralnymi na całym świecie”, aby wspierać inicjatywy banków centralnych w zakresie cyfrowej waluty, czyli CBDC.

W zeszłym roku firma udostępniła narzędzie „wirtualnej piaskownicy”, aby zademonstrować, w jaki sposób można wykorzystać CBDC do rozliczania zakupów konsumenckich za pomocą infrastruktury MasterCard.

W oświadczeniu MasterCard odnotowano również rosnące zapotrzebowanie na zasoby cyfrowe wśród jej klientów, zauważając, że wielu użytkowników kupuje aktywa kryptograficzne za pomocą kart MasterCard w związku z obecną hossą.

„Aktywa cyfrowe stają się coraz ważniejszą częścią świata płatności” – podsumowała MasterCard

„Jesteśmy tutaj, aby umożliwić klientom, handlowcom i firmom przenoszenie wartości cyfrowej – tradycyjnej lub kryptograficznej – w dowolny sposób. To powinien być Twój wybór, to Twoje pieniądze”.
Firma MasterCard poświęciła już znaczne zasoby na badanie technologii rozproszonych rejestrów, przy czym firma posiada obecnie 89 patentów na łańcuch bloków, podczas gdy kolejne 285 wniosków jest w toku.

Lots of new features – Dash drives upgrades, “simplified payment” goes into the alpha phase

Dash Core Group is improving its blockchain platform with new upgrades, and payment service DashPay is going alpha.

The block chain platform Dash has transferred the development of the update v0.17 in the testing phase, as shown in a press release on Wednesday stating

In July 2020, Cointelegraph had already reported that the Dash Core Group wanted to switch to the test network with this version before the end of the year.

As Dash explains in the press release, the test network is five times larger than the Evonet development network, which is operated almost exclusively by the Dash Core Group. Dana Alibrandi, Dash’s Product Manager, explains:

„This is the most extensive expansion of the Dash platform, which is why this release is the most important milestone to date in achieving our long-term goal of mass suitability.“

In the details of the update version v.017, Dash states that, among other things, a security gap in credit minting has been closed, and the light client is even better supported

After the transfer from v.017 to the test network, the next step on the agenda for Dash is the development of v.018. This update is due to come at the end of January or the beginning of February, with further improvements for the light client as well as improved functionality of iOS and Android apps being included.

In addition, Dash is now known that the payment system DashPay in the alpha phase goes. In contrast to the usual crypto transactions, which are processed via long and difficult to read wallet addresses, DashPay wants to make it possible to simplify this payment process by using more easily readable addresses.

Although other crypto companies already offer a similar service within a closed ecosystem , Dash would be able to use this function for the entire blockchain network.

Contact lists and avatars should also simplify the payment process. However, the start of the “social payment wallet” is not planned for the end of 2021.

Hacker explains how Youtube channels are being stolen

Social engineering is the main weapon of attack, being much more important than malware itself.

Recently a series of major attacks have hit major Brazilian YouTube channels, such as Angry, a channel over 11 years old and one of the largest in the game niche, and Peter Jordan’s Ei Nerd channel, with over 10.8 million subscribers. The problem is attracting the attention of several youtubers of different sizes, precisely because of the risk of losing the channel to such a coup.

The „ethical hacker“ Gabriel Pato has published a malware analysis that may have been used to attack the channels. Gabriel explained a little bit about how the virus works (until simple), where it comes from, what types of information it steals, and what strategies were used to infect YouTubers.

It is worth mentioning that malware attacks are not something isolated or even new, since the attack has happened countless times and has even generated legal problems for YouTube.

Just as it happened with YouTube channels abroad or even in past examples here in Brazil, the main reason for the attacks is to use the channels as a bridge between the subscribers and a classic coup that steals cryptomorphs.

Hacker attack demonstrates knowledge and sophistication

One of the most interesting points of the attacks is that it is all done through a phishing tactic with a certain level of sophistication. The first wave of blows, which ended up taking some medium-sized channels, focused on the niche of games, precisely to give more credibility to the tactic and all the talk that led to the final attack.

Unlike most phishing attacks that happen on the Internet, where millions of messages are sent to users in the hope that someone makes a mistake, YouTube hackers have a segmented and direct strategy.

Until recently they’ve been looking for game channels, passing themselves off as independent game developer and offering test keys and paid advertising opportunities. Bruno Correa, YouTuber of 7.15 million subscribers, told on his channel how someone pretending to be the Slormite developer tried to apply the coup to him.

In the video he also says that in 1 week, three attempts of scams were applied. All of them passing themselves as independent developers. In one of the e-mails, passing by the developer of Spelunky 2, the „company“ offered the amount of $ 9,500 dollars for the production of the video, and the key to the game.

The problem became so common that even independent developers began to alert players and content creators about the risk of scams and the use of fake emails used by scammers.

Social engineering is the main weapon of attack, being much more important than malware itself. And one of the main strategies for the group’s success is the use of emails with phishing domains and even a language compatible with YouTube’s standard activities.

Fake emails and high level language are part of the YouTube hack scam

The scam starts with email or whatsapp contact and unlike simpler scams, the language is very similar to the kind of conversation that happens between content creators and developers.

There are mentions about the embargo (period in which no information about the game can be disclosed) and several other terms that, even for those who are already used to this niche, give credibility to the whole conversation.

In a video explaining what happened to his channel and how it was hacked, Angry revealed that it was exactly this PDF that induced him to error and caused serious damage to his channel (which has now been recovered).

What is interesting are the e-mails used by the hackers. Previously they used the domain, but to further increase the possibility of cheating the content creators, recently they started to buy their own domains.

In the case of the virus that stole the channel from Angry, the email was sent through the address with domain Other creators received the contact from

As you can see on the official website of CD Projekt Red, the official email of the company is

As you can see, the similarity is enough to fool people who are not very attentive to what is happening.

How does the malware that brought down the Angry Channel work?

According to the investigation carried out by Gabriel Pato, the malware that I was used in the recent attacks is known as RedLine, a well-known Russian application in cyberspace and widely sold in hacking forums.

RedLine acts as a „stealer“, almost an evolution of the keylogger. The term „stealer“, which is nothing more than „thief“ in English, specializes in theft of different information, it can be adapted for different campaigns.

It can be found in Russian forums for about $ 200 per month (subscription plan). Among its features, it can steal passwords and data saved in browsers, credit card numbers and passwords, information about the system and the user and recently it has been updated to also steal cryptomeda wallets.

Returning to Gabriel Pato’s investigation, he discovered which server the virus communicates with once it is installed on the victim’s machine.

By analyzing the malware, Pato determined that it does not fully utilize its functions on infected computers. RedLine is programmed only to search and steal data from the browser (cookies, saved passwords, location, etc.), besides making a screen capture of the user.

To make matters worse, RedLine has a series of barriers and features to avoid simple antivirus analysis. Windows Defender and even other analyzers are not able to determine that there is something wrong inside the downloaded file.

All this data is compiled in a single file and sent directly to the control server indicated just above. But why are hackers interested in this data?

Well, the answer is simple, the most important information for this virus is the browser cache data and cookies.

YouTube hacker viruses can pass through the authentication of two factors

During the attacks, many questioned whether YouTubers were using two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect themselves. The problem is that because RedLine acts, it can go through two-factor authentication, because it not only steals the password, but also the cookie and cache data that can allow the hacker to simulate being the same person.

Since 2FA is used for new logins and RedLine steals the data where logins have already been made and authenticated, there is no request for new authentication. With a few minutes the hacker can change all the passwords he wants, without having any kind of barrier.

Virus can start a campaign against make-up channels

Also through his investigation, Gabriel Pato discovered that one of the domains ( was registered in another e-mail:, probably a fake e-mail or stolen from someone to register the domains for the con. But what he noticed is that recently new domains were registered, all passing through makeup brands:

  • marykay-promo.sites

With this, there is a high probability that the next wave of blows will target the influencers and content creators who talk about make-up and may have contact with these companies.

And in the end, why are they hacking YouTube channels?

A new game was released, Cyberpunk 2077, so channel owners about games became hackers‘ targets. The tactic is social engineering, to offer some partnership and ask the channel owners to install software, in this case, the virus.

The purpose of the coup is to apply a second coup, this time with cryptomoedas through the classic „send x Bitcoins and we will send double“, something that never happens, of course.

The stolen channels have their name changed and show infinite lives with these Bitcoin promises for free for those who send a quantity of coins to a certain wallet.

It is not known if the person who is stealing the accounts is the same person who applies the Bitcoin scam or if they sell the access of these channels on the black market to those who are interested in applying this kind of strategy.

Polkadot launches new DEX – will Ethereum face competition?

In the DeFi hype, new projects are created every day. One of them is a new decentralized trading post on Polkadot. The Ethereum competitor is making great strides and is now providing the first decentralized exchange on Polkadot.

First Polkadot DEX launched

Today was the official start of the DEX polka starter. The platform was designed for cross-blockchain token pools and auctions with the aim of enabling projects to raise capital on the Polkadot network.

Polkastarter was officially announced in September when the project listed its native Bitcoin Future token on Uniswap. It has now gone live with the first liquidity pool offering rewards for swapping ETH for POLS.

There are two other pools still in the testing phase to offer swaps with SpiderDAO, an online privacy-based project.

What are the advantages of the DEX?

Although Polkastarter is entering an already crowded DEX ecosystem, it will add new features like cross-chain pools, support for any asset, fixed swap pools, and a secure, listed pool.

It also allows projects to list tokens at a fixed price. This should help ensure less volatility at launch as prices will be maintained as long as the original inventory of tokens remains.

DEX already has a growing list of partners, including the secure data transfer platform Shyft Network, the Moonbeam Network, which deals with the Solidity programming language, the Orion Protocol automated liquidity provider, the API service provider Covalent and the open source Oracle -Decentralized Information Asset (DIA) platform.

Institutional investor Digital Finance Group has also pledged financial support for the platform.

Polkadot, which operates the new DEX, has openly stated that it targets Ethereum and wants to „go well beyond the current ERC-20 standard.“

Choose the best and safest exchange for you

Choosing the right provider is not always easy. Therefore, we recommend you to take a look at our Bitcoin Broker & Exchange Comparison. Trade on the safest and best exchanges in the world!For comparison

Polkastarter’s native POLS token hit a price of USD 0.85 shortly after it launched in September. But like most of the new DeFi tokens, there was a strong sell-off afterwards.

Now that DEX is finally going live, the POLS price has also risen. Overall, the token has achieved almost 100% since the beginning of December. Polkadot’s native DOT token has been relatively unchanged since peaking above $ 6.30 in early September.

We are curious how the coming weeks and months will affect Polkadot and the various decentralized applications.

UNI återvänder till avgörande stigande kanalstöd

UNI återvänder till avgörande stigande kanalstöd

  • UNI har brutit ut från en långsiktig fallande parallell kanal.
  • Priset handlas i en kortsiktig parallell stigande kanal.
  • Det finns stöd och motstånd på $ 3,60 respektive $ 5,50.

Vill veta mer? Gå med i vår Telegram-grupp och få handelssignaler, en gratis handelskurs Bitcoin Billionaire och daglig kommunikation med kryptofans!

Trust Project är ett internationellt konsortium av nyhetsorganisationer som bygger standarder för transparens.
Uniswap UNI

Uniswap (UNI) -priset har ökat sedan det bröt ut ur en fallande kanal den 5 november. Priset handlas för närvarande inom ett viktigt supportområde som kommer att vara avgörande för att upprätthålla den nuvarande uppåtgående trenden.

UNI-priset hade handlats inuti en fallande parallell kanal sedan den 20 september. Den 5 november nådde priset ett lågt värde på 1,75 dollar och började en uppåtgående rörelse och bröt ut från kanalen nästa dag.

  • Sedan dess har priset nått en lokal höjd på $ 4,25.
  • Närmaste större motståndsområde finns på $ 5,50.

En titt på två-timmarsdiagrammet visar att UNI handlar inom en kortfristig stigande parallell kanal där den för närvarande befinner sig på supportlinjen.

Dessutom handlar priset möjligen inuti en fallande kil, vilket normalt betraktas som ett hausseartat vändningsmönster.

Eftersom MACD minskar och RSI är under 50 finns det dock inga tydliga vändningstecken ännu. Å andra sidan finns det inte heller någon hausseartad avvikelse.

Därför, medan UNI-priset är på en lämplig plats för en studs, finns det inga tydliga tecken på att det kommer att göra det.

Framtida rörelse

Cryptocurrency-handlare @PostyXBT twittrade ett UNI-diagram och uppgav att så länge supportområdet $ 3,60 håller, kan priset gå hela vägen till $ 4,65.

Vid tidpunkten för pressen hade UNI återvänt till $ 3,60-nivån en gång till. Nivån kommer sannolikt att fungera som stöd och sammanfaller också med supportlinjen från den ovan nämnda stigande kanalen.

Därför är det troligt att det kommer att initiera ett steg uppåt, även om tekniska indikatorer ännu inte antyder att en sådan flyttning kommer att ske. En prishöjning kan sannolikt ta UNI mot nästa motståndsområde på 5,50 dollar.

I ett baisscenario kan en uppdelning orsaka en nedgång mot $ 3, vilket är 0,5 Fib retracement-nivån för det senaste rallyet.

UNI-priset är i färd med att validera en avgörande nivå av stöd. Trots detta finns det inga hausseartade vändningstecken än.

Huruvida UNI bryter ner från denna nivå eller inte kommer att vara avgörande för att bestämma trendens riktning.

PayPal consente ai clienti statunitensi di acquistare, vendere e archiviare bitcoin

Il gigantesco processore di pagamenti online Paypal ha annunciato ieri che tutti „i titolari di account idonei negli Stati Uniti possono ora acquistare, detenere e vendere criptovaluta direttamente con PayPal“.

Il gigantesco processore di pagamento online Paypal ha annunciato che tutto

Il gigantesco processore di pagamenti online Paypal ha annunciato che tutti „i titolari di account idonei negli Stati Uniti possono ora acquistare, detenere e vendere criptovaluta“.

Il gigante del processore di pagamento online ha annunciato ieri che tutti i „titolari di account PayPal idonei negli Stati Uniti possono ora acquistare, detenere e vendere criptovaluta direttamente con PayPal“. L’aggiornamento della dichiarazione originale afferma che gli utenti possono interagire con le risorse digitali dalla loro applicazione PayPal o tramite i loro account desktop. Tuttavia, la comunità crittografica rimane divisa nella sua opinione, se questo è effettivamente un bene per Bitcoin a lungo termine.

PayPal aiuterebbe bitcoin a raggiungere l’adozione mainstream?

Diverse persone credono che la mossa di PayPal sia il modo in cui Bitcoin alla fine raggiungerà il riconoscimento mainstream. Numerosi membri hanno pubblicato screenshot dei loro acquisti, affermando che PayPal ha creato un’interfaccia molto user-friendly. Il CEO di Binance Changpeng Zhao ha persino parafrasato le parole immortali di Neil Armstrong: „Un piccolo passo per PayPal, un passo da gigante per B …“ Dato che Binance Coin non è ancora elencato su PayPal, è lecito ritenere che si riferisse a Bitcoin. Tuttavia, alcuni hanno affermato che questo è in realtà ribassista per BTC, poiché PayPal non consentirà il prelievo dei fondi. Inoltre, molti utenti hanno anche preoccupazioni riguardo a commissioni potenzialmente elevate.

Il prezzo di Bitcoin continua a oscillare intorno a $ 16.000

Il prezzo del bitcoin raggiunge quasi il massimo di tre anni questa settimana quando ha superato il livello di $ 16.000, il livello non visto da gennaio 2018. Con PayPal che consente ai consumatori statunitensi di acquistare, vendere e conservare bitcoin potrebbe aiutare il prezzo a continuare a salire. Tuttavia, vale la pena notare che sebbene i clienti statunitensi idonei possano acquistare o vendere risorse crittografiche, questo è l’intero ambito di ciò che possono fare con le monete sin d’ora. La pagina dei termini e delle condizioni di PayPal dice che „attualmente NON sei in grado di inviare Crypto Assets a familiari o amici, utilizzare Crypto Assets per pagare beni o servizi, o ritirare Crypto Assets dal tuo Cryptocurrencies Hub a un portafoglio di criptovalute esterno“.

TA: Bitcoin lucha por cerca de 15,6 mil dólares, cómo 100 SMA podrían desencadenar un revés

El precio de Bitcoin comenzó un nuevo aumento desde los 14.380 dólares de baja contra el dólar americano. BTC está de nuevo por encima del SMA de 100 horas, pero debe superar los 15.600 dólares para más alzas a corto plazo.

  • Bitcoin comenzó un fuerte movimiento alcista después de haber cotizado a 14.380 dólares.
  • El precio volvió a subir por encima de 15.200 dólares y la media móvil simple de 100 horas.
  • Hubo una ruptura por encima de la línea de tendencia bajista con una resistencia cercana a los 15.300 dólares en el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD (datos del Kraken).
  • Es probable que el par supere la resistencia de 15.600 dólares siempre y cuando esté por encima del promedio móvil simple de 100 horas.

El precio de Bitcoin mantiene las ganancias

Después de una fuerte corrección a la baja, el precio de Bitcoin Billionaire encontró apoyo cerca del nivel de 14.400 dólares. BTC se negoció a un nivel tan bajo como 14.380 dólares y comenzó un movimiento alcista constante. Superó los niveles de resistencia de 14.800 y 15.000 dólares.

Más importante aún, hubo un quiebre por encima de la línea de tendencia bajista con una resistencia cercana a los $15.300 en el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD. Los toros fueron capaces de despejar el nivel de retroceso del 50% de la corrección a la baja de la zona de oscilación de 15.990 dólares a la baja de 14.380 dólares.

El par incluso se estableció por encima del nivel de 15.200 dólares y el promedio móvil simple de 100 horas. El precio de Bitcoin se enfrenta ahora a una fuerte resistencia cerca del nivel de 15.600 dólares.

El nivel de retroceso del 76,4% de la corrección a la baja de la zona de oscilación de 15.990 dólares a la baja de 14.380 dólares también actúa como resistencia. Una clara ruptura por encima del nivel de resistencia de 15.600 dólares es necesaria para más alzas a corto plazo. La siguiente resistencia importante está cerca del nivel de 15.800 dólares, por encima del cual podría volver a subir a 15.950 dólares. Cualquier otra ganancia podría llevar el precio por encima de los niveles de 16.000 y 16.120 dólares.

¿Se soportan caídas en el BTC?

Si Bitcoin no logra superar la resistencia de 15.600 dólares, existe el riesgo de una nueva caída. Un soporte inicial está cerca del nivel de $15,200 y el promedio móvil simple de 100 horas.

Una caída por debajo de la media móvil simple de 100 horas y la zona de soporte de 15.200 dólares podría aumentar la presión de venta sobre bitcoin. En este caso, existe el riesgo de una caída hacia los niveles de soporte de 14.800 y 14.750 dólares en las próximas sesiones.

Indicadores técnicos:

MACD por hora – El MACD está luchando por ganar impulso en la zona alcista.

RSI (Índice de Fuerza Relativo) – El RSI para el BTC/USD se está corrigiendo hacia el nivel 50.

Niveles de apoyo principales – 15.200 dólares, seguidos de 15.000 dólares.

Mayores niveles de resistencia – $15.600, $15.800 y $16.000.

Bitterz Feiert Seinen Internationalen Start – Mit Bitcoin Giveaway

Nach all der Forschung und harte Arbeit, am 1. st November Bitterz startet schließlich international seine Dienste. Um dies zu feiern, verlost das Unternehmen Bitcoin im Wert von 50 USD an alle neuen Benutzer – ohne Gebühren.

Was ist Bitterz?

Bitterz ist eine MT5 Crypto CFD-Handelsplattform, die bis zu 200-fache Hebelwirkung unterstützt. Es wurde vollständig von kompetenten und effizienten japanischen technischen Spezialisten entwickelt. Ihr Ziel war es, ein gemeinsames Finanzinstrument für den Handel mit Füchsen aus Kryptowährungen zu schaffen.

Zu diesem Zweck bieten sie nicht nur rund um die Uhr mehrsprachigen Support, sondern haben auch zahlreiche Funktionen entwickelt, mit denen Benutzer bessere Trader werden können. Dies wird eine Kette von Ereignissen auslösen, die uns zu einer sichereren und unabhängigeren Welt führen werden.

Wie? Sehr einfach.

Erstens helfen sie Menschen, großartige Kryptohändler zu werden. Dadurch werden mehr Menschen an der Krypto-Erfahrung hier teilnehmen. Die Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Krypto wird zunehmen und dann die gleiche Leistung wie jede andere Währung auf der Welt haben.

Welche Funktionen hat Bitterz?

Das Team von Bitterz konzentrierte sich bei der Entwicklung der Plattform auf drei Hauptaspekte:

Die Beziehung zu ihren Kunden;
Der Mangel an Krypto-Handelserfahrung von Neulingen;
Die Sicherheit der Nutzergelder.

Daher stehen ihre Hauptmerkmale in direktem Zusammenhang mit diesen drei Aspekten – Aufbau eines vertrauenswürdigen Netzwerks, sicher und effizient.

24/7 Engagiertes Support-Team

Derzeit sprechen die Teammitglieder fließend Englisch, Japanisch, Chinesisch, Taiwanesisch und Koreanisch. In Kürze werden weitere Sprachen bereitgestellt, damit sich die Benutzer wohl und verstanden fühlen.

Das Team beantwortet jede Art von Anfrage oder Fehlerbehebung und stellt sicher, dass Sie die beste Kryptoerfahrung haben.

Bitterz Demo Trade

Diese zweite Funktion wurde entwickelt, um neuen Krypto-Händlern zu helfen. Mit Bitterz Demo Trade können unerfahrene Krypto-Benutzer den Handel ohne echte Einzahlung üben. Es ist auch ein großartiges Instrument für Profis, da sie die verfügbaren Tools ausprobieren können, bevor sie die Handelsplattform tatsächlich nutzen.

Trump, price points and COVID-19: 5 things to keep in mind about Bitcoin this week

Donald Trump is driving the markets by improving his health, but the coronavirus is taking its toll.

Bitcoin (BTC) rose to a high of USD 10,730 before dropping on October 5th, as markets fluctuated in line with the fact that US President Donald Trump is contracting COVID-19.

Cointelegraph takes a look at the factors that will influence BTC’s price action this week, as the virus and its consequences dictate the mood of macro-assets.

Trump’s Health Makes Markets Rise

President Trump boosted the markets last Sunday, as traders assessed the possibility of him leaving the hospital on Monday after treatment for COVID-19.

Futures were up, reversing Friday’s losses, along with the major stock markets, including the S&P 500, with which Bitcoin Up continues to show a high correlation.

Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis had caused a modest panic late last week; stocks plummeted and BTC/USD reacted similarly, falling from USD 10,940 to lows of USD 10,380.

Economic Recession Boosts Bitcoin Use in Egypt

„It’s been a really interesting journey; I’ve learned a lot about the Covid,“ Trump said in a video update posted on Twitter late Sunday, apparently aimed at a crowd of followers outside his hospital before a surprise meeting:

„I learned it by actually going to school, this is the real school; this is not the ‚let’s read the book‘ school, and I get it, I get it. It’s a very interesting thing and I’ll let you know.

Wall Street had not yet opened at the close of this edition, with the resumption of trading set to dictate the trajectory of the market for the beginning of the week.

BTC/USD vs. S&P 500 one year chart Source: Skew
Cineworld shares fall 56% in coronavirus closures

Beyond Trump, the coronavirus continues to create uncertainty in the United States and abroad.

On Monday, New York continued its gradual infrastructure shutdown, while in Europe, the worsening infection rate caused Paris to close certain establishments.

Meanwhile, Cineworld, the second largest movie theater chain in the world, said it would close all operations in both the United States and the United Kingdom until further notice starting October 8. Its shares subsequently plunged 56% to a new all-time low.

Mendoza City, Argentina, presents a series of talks on Bitcoin and Blockchain

However, rumors abound that Trump’s situation may in fact stimulate both political camps in Washington to reach a stimulus agreement, something that would have an immediate impact on the markets.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had already dispelled fears of a continuing impasse by confirming that, whatever happens, the package would include another $1,200 stimulus check for eligible Americans.

The long-term impact of state-sponsored revenue is itself controversial, as commentators have previously argued that once implemented, the checks would be difficult to simply „turn off.

By the time the first round of checks arrived in April, the crypto-currency exchanges noticed a volume increase specifically in the amount of the $1,200 payments.

It’s Europe’s turn to be in the spotlight when it comes to macro-market movements, as the intense last-minute talks on Brexit began on Monday.

The Brexit deal, which has long been a controversial issue for sterling and its traders, or the lack thereof, has previously even managed to produce ripple effects for Bitcoin.

This time, the talks aim to produce a compromise before a crucial meeting of the European Union on October 15, with a realistic deadline for producing a consensus now set for sometime in early November.

From Spain, they will hold a talk on the Tokenized Economy

Asked what the impact of not reaching an agreement would be, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on a BBC radio show that the country „could do more than live with it.

In London, FTSE 100 futures rose on Monday, more than reversing its losses from the previous week.

Along with Brexit, as Cointelegraph noted, the Bank of England is investigating the idea of introducing negative interest rates for the first time in its history.

I futures BitMEX Bitcoin hanno „completamente srotolato“ mentre l’esodo della piattaforma continua

Le recenti notizie riguardanti la crociata della U.S. Commodities and Futures Trading Commission contro i tre co-fondatori di BitMEX hanno avuto gravi implicazioni per Bitcoin e per il mercato cripto.

Molti investitori ora temono che ciò segni l’inizio di un nuovo ciclo di controlli normativi sull’industria dei cripto, da parte delle autorità di regolamentazione statunitensi, che potrebbe avere implicazioni di vasta portata per il mercato.

Anche se gli impatti tangibili che questo ha avuto finora sulla dinamica di trading della Bitcoin sono stati in qualche modo limitati, con il suo prezzo che è scivolato solo pochi per cento sulle notizie – ha colpito un colpo potenzialmente letale per BitMEX.

Oltre a vedere un crollo dell’interesse aperto, i futures Bitcoin sulla piattaforma sono stati quasi completamente srotolati, segnalando che i trader temono che i fondi sulla sede di trading potrebbero non essere sicuri se le autorità di regolamentazione si muovono per sequestrare il dominio o arrestare gli altri co-fondatori – che sono ognuno dei detentori di chiavi multisig per tutti i ritiri.
BitMEX vede massicci deflussi di Bitcoin in seguito alle notizie CFTC

All’inizio di questa settimana è arrivata la notizia della decisione della CFTC di incriminare i tre co-fondatori di BitMEX per reati relativi a molteplici violazioni normative.

Uno dei cofondatori, residente negli Stati Uniti, è stato arrestato la mattina presto a casa sua, mentre gli altri due cofondatori sono attualmente all’estero.

Sebbene la piattaforma funzioni ancora normalmente e i ritiri siano trattati regolarmente, gli utenti sono preoccupati che possa verificarsi qualche evento che possa cambiare la situazione nell’immediato futuro.

Secondo la piattaforma di analisi Glassnode, BitMEX ha visto il suo più grande singolo lotto di ritiri in seguito ai rapporti relativi alla ricerca dei fondatori da parte della CFTC.

„Secondo i nostri dati, la scorsa notte più di 23.200 BTC sono state ritirate dagli indirizzi BitMEX in una sola ora (~13% di tutte le BTC nei loro caveau). Questo è il più grande deflusso orario di BTC da BitMEX che abbiamo osservato finora“.

I futures BitMEX BTC si rilassano mentre gli investitori abbandonano la piattaforma

I BitMEX Bitcoin futures si stanno srotolando, dimostrando che gli investitori non sono propensi a tenere posizioni che li blocchino nella piattaforma per un periodo di tempo prolungato.

SplitCapital ne ha parlato in un recente tweet, spiegando che si aspetta di vedere ulteriori cali di interesse aperto e bilanci Bitcoin sulla piattaforma nei prossimi giorni e settimane.

„Futures messicani completamente srotolati. Sospetto che, man mano che sempre più persone usciranno dalle posizioni, nei prossimi giorni vedremo l’OI e altri prelievi di monete“.

Il dominio di BitMEX sul settore del trading continuerà probabilmente a diminuire nei giorni e nelle settimane a venire, mentre gli utenti si muoveranno per proteggere il loro capitale.